Nice to meet you!

Hello, I’m Bea, and design is what I love!

I really love all elements of design – from anything as technical as building a layout, to all creative forms of design!
I have an obsession for typography, illustrations, and compositions – which I like to integrate into my design style. Thanks for stopping by!

My Skills

My software skills include Photoshop, InDesign,
Illustrator (CS5 and 6 plus the older versions), Acrobat, Dreamweaver, MS Office and some of the old school software like QuarkXpress and Freehand.

I am familiar with the whole creative process; from the first sketch to the quality control of printing plates to admistrative tasks of a project.

Maybe my language skills can be useful? I speak English, German an Polish.






In particular, I wish to point out Bea's creative abilities. She has skillfully designed graphic ads, postcards and a poster for our novelty "William Tell". In addition, Bea has excellent computer skills. Her quick wit, ability to think for herself and actively set her hand to a task has made her a highly valued employee. [ Barbara Kindermann ]

Bea has very good design skills, adapts quickly to existing or new designs and enhances them creatively. She has managed
not only to comply with existing rules, but she also was able to complement them in a useful way. [ Wolfgang Schlüter ]